D’entrée de jeu, je dois dire que je suis une personne d’habitudes, plutôt réfractaire aux changements. J’ai une colite ulcéreuse, contrôlée par des médicaments, depuis plusieurs années et j’ai très peu de marge de manœuvre au niveau de mon alimentation. Emma a su, par ses conseils prudents et avisés, me guider et me donner la motivation d’intégrer en douceur de nouvelles habitudes, en vue d’améliorer ma santé. On sent vraiment qu’Emma a à coeur de mettre ses compétences et son professionnalisme au service de notre mieux-être et j’aime beaucoup son approche adaptée, respectueuse de mes limites. Merci Emma!

Linda H. 


Emma is very thorough and did lots of research to make sure she covered all the bases in my case. I was consulting to manage my overall health, and along the way we encountered some unexpected health issues which Emma guided me through. I felt very heard and felt comfortable sharing just about everything with her. I am so happy to have had her through it all!

Martina B.

JUNE 2023

My wife made me go see Emma because we are planning to get pregnant in the upcoming year. I didn’t expect the Naturopathic approach to be so complete, Emma really took into account everything that was happening with my health down to which toxic products I was using at work. I really enjoyed the process more than I thought I would. Thank you Emma for your support!

Benjamin B.

MAY 2023